Here is the detailed information on our SQL Server 2014 Training.

1. SQL Server 2014 – Download and Installation

Length – 25:08 mins

In this training demo on SQL Server 2014, we start by going over the MIN hardware and software requirements for SQL Server 2014 installation. This includes things like CPU, Windows 7/8/12 OS, RAM and Hard Disk information. In addition you will also need .NET framework 3.5 and IE before you can proceed further. Additional information is available from location on Microsoft website.

For the purposes of this MS SQL Server tutorial, we are going to use the ISO option for SQL 2014 installation. You will also need to have account to get going. Next we run the Setup.exe which will launch the SQL Server Installation center. Before any software is installed, you have to make sure that Setup Support rules and files are also installed. Another way to think about it is Prerequisites for SQL installation. Subsequently we are going to choose a set of options including stand-alone SQL 2014 installation, feature selection like database engine, SSIS, management tools, authentication choices, security role consideration, data and log file location. We highlight the best practices that are used by the IT industry like using Windows service accounts and split disk layout for .mdf and .ldf files. At the end, a setup log file is generated which has all the information regarding the installation. After SQL 2014 installation finishes, you can check the status of MS SQL services.

2. Uninstall SQL Server 2014

Length – 13:30 mins

In this SQL Server 2014 training video, we will cover how to uninstall SQL Server 2014. Why would you need to Uninstall SQL? There could be many different reasons, namely:

  • Major issues with the original install
  • Application team picked the wrong version of SQL
  • Upgrading SQL to a new version, but first need to uninstall old one first

Before uninstalling SQL Server 2014, you should backup the database, login accounts, sql jobs and other relevant info. Next you can go to: Control Panel > Program and Features > Microsoft SQL Server 2014. You can click on that and choose Uninstall. Make sure you are removing the correct SQL instance and not a one that is operational! =) It will guide you through a few screen shots, follow the prompts and at the end you would have uninstalled SQL Server 2014 from the Windows server.

3. SQL Server 2014 Management Studio aka SSMS

Here we are going to cover SQL Server Management Studio or SSMS in SQL 2014 video series. This is vital not only for database administration but also for development MS SQL 2014. Using SSMS you can monitor database activity and perform other critical dba tasks. In order to launch SSMS, you can do:

Start > All Programs > Microsoft SQL Server 2014 > SQL Server 2014 Management Studio

We start the MS SQL training by covering Registered servers where you can easily group SQL Servers into Production, Development and Staging servers. Next is Object Explorer with access to components like Database, Security, Server Objects, Management and SQL 2014 Agent. Using object explorer, you can execute TSQL statements, work with stored procedures, SQL views, tables and other database objects. Under Tools Menu, you would find SQL Server 2014 Profiler and Database Engine Tuning Advisor (DETA). These two tools can be a life saver when you are trying to troubleshoot slow queries and problematic stored procedures. We end the sql server tutorial with Template Explorer in MS 2014 SQL. This is a good way to learn TSQL especially if you’re new to Server 2014.