SQL Server Training

If you buy the Unlimited Training package, you will have access to the following training materials:

  • SQL Server 2014 video training (Basic tutorials)
  • Additional SQL 2014 training videos (Advanced video tutorial)
  • Useful Transact SQL Scripts
  • PowerPoint Presentations and Misc documents

SQL Server Training Testimonial

I am very pleased to join this learning website , it saved my hours of time by
watching these online training videos. Also an economical way of learning SQL Server 2014.
Bilal – Toronto

The Basic tutorials include the following Microsoft SQL training videos.

  1. Installation of SQL Server 2014
  2. MSSQL 2014 Configuration Manager
  3. Creating database objects in SQL 2014
  4. TSQL commands like SEQUENCE and CONCAT
  5. Database Relationships in SQL database
  6. What is SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)?
  7. Introduction to Transact SQL (TSQL)
  8. Using Inner and Outer Joins in SQL Server 2014
  9. Implementing Security in MS SQL 2014
  10. New Features like Contained Database, FileTable ..

Here is brief information on the individual lessons:

-Installation of SQL Server 2014:
In this training demo, we start by going over the hardware and software requirements for SQL 2014 installation. We run the Setup.exe which will launch the Installation center. We highlight the best practices that are used by the IT industry

-MSSQL 2014 Configuration Manager:
In this video tutorial, we are going to cover SQL Configuration Manager. It combines three utilities including Client Network utility, Server Network utility and Service Manager. Using the SQL Server configuration manager you can stop, start, pause and resume services in MSSQL.

-Creating database objects in SQL 2014:
In this tutorial video, we are going to show you how to create a database and a table in SQL Server 2014 version. We use two different ways to do this, SQL Management Studio and Transact SQL also known as TSQL.

-TSQL commands like SEQUENCE and CONCAT:
We cover new features in SQL Server 2014 from TSQL point of view. These include the Sequence object, DATEFROMPARTS, TIMEFROMPARTS and EOMONTH functions, OFFSET clause in MS SQL 2014, CHOOSE and Select IIF (Inline If) command

-Database Relationships in SQL database:
We kick off this SQL Server training session by covering terms like RDBMS, entity, field, ERD, Primary key (PK), Foreign key (FK), Inner and Outer Joins. Using SSMS we use TSQL to create the above mentioned tables and also populate them with data.

-What is SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)?
Here we cover SQL Server Management Studio or SSMS. This is the central location for database administration and development in MSSQL 2014. Using SSMS you can execute Transact SQL, create and modify stored procedures, views, tables and also have access to the Template Explorer.

-Introduction to Transact SQL:
TSQL or Transact SQL is a powerful database language in SQL Server 2014. It includes DML (data manipulation language) and DDL (data definition language). We are going to look at Northwind database and use SQL Select, Insert, Delete and Update statements.

-Using Inner and Outer Joins in SQL 2014:
A SQL join facilitates in bringing data together from various tables. We go over basic concepts like Primary key, Foreign key, Inner and Outer joins in SQL 2014. An INNER JOIN is used to pull matching data from two tables; this concept is highlighted using Venn Diagrams.

-Implementing Security in MS SQL 2014:
There are many layers of Security in SQL Server including physical layer, surface area, object access etc. We start off this SQL training and discuss terminology like Principals, Roles, Securables and Microsoft recommended “Best Practices”.

-New Features like Contained Database, FileTable:
We start with a Contained Database which is a specialty db that is isolated from other SQL Server databases. Next thing we discuss is a FileTable, which is a specific table that stores file and directory information. We move onto ColumnStore index that is specially built for high performance in a MSSQL data warehouse system.

More info on these videos can be found at this page:


Additional SQL 2014 training videos (Advanced video tutorial):

  1. SQL Tutorials by Kash – SQL Select Statement
  2. SQL Tutorials by Kash – SQL Update Statement
  3. SQL Tutorials by Kash – SQL Delete Statement
  4. SQL Tutorials by Kash – SQL Insert Statement (coming soon)

Other videos are coming soon …

  1. How-to-create-database-in-sql-server-2014-0001.sql
  2. Create-students-table-in-sql-server-2014-0002.sql
  3. Rename-or-Change-sql-server-database-0003.sql
  4. Using-insert-sql-statement-with-college-database-0004.sql
  5. New-feature-SQL-Server-2014-Sequence-0005.sql
  6. Assign-primary-key-to-a-SQL-table-0006.sql
  7. Declaration-and-assignment-of-variables-0007.sql
  8. How-to-use-new-sql-function-concat-0008.sql
  9. Use-while-loop-in-sql-2014-0009.sql
  10. Optimize-the-queries-with-temp-table-0010.sql
  11. SQL-Server-2014-using-sql-select-statement-0011.sql
  12. Difference-between-inner-and-outer-joins-0012.sql
  13. Delete-data-from-microsoft-sql-server-table-0013.sql
  14. Get-list-of-tables-in-MSSQL-2014-0014.sql
  15. Microsoft-sql-server-update-statement-0015.sql
  16. Make-copy-of-database-with-backup-database-0016.sql
  17. Powerful-extended-stored-procedure-xp_cmdshell-0017.sql
  18. Sql-script-to-restore-sql-2014-database-0018.sql
  19. Delete-all-user-tables-in-SQL-2014-0019.sql
  20. Drop-database-objects-like-database-tables-0020.sql
  21. Make-a-copy-of-a-table-in-MS-SQL-2014-0021.sql
  22. Transfer-logins-between-instances-of-Microsoft-SQL-0022.sql
  23. Bring-data-together-from-tables-using-inner-joins-0023.sql
  24. Sql-server-2014-left-outer-join-0024.sql
  25. Monitor-disk-space-find-drive-space-0025.sql
  26. Using-if-else-logic-ms-sql-server-0026.sql
  27. How-to-use-a-cursor-to-loop-through-records-0027.sql
  28. Monitor-activity-at-the-process-level-SQL-Server-0028.sql
  29. TSQL_case_statements_for_conditional_logic_0029.sql
  30. SQL_server_aggregate_functions_MIN_MAX_SUM_COUNT_0030.sql