SQLServer2014.com is part of Kash Data Consulting LLC based in Dallas, TX. We are an Information Technology firm specializing database management services and training. We take a practical approach towards learning Microsoft MSSQL. Our training material is developed and produced by Senior Database Professionals. We focus on practical solutions that will increase your productivity as a SQL DBA or Developer.

Our SQL Server 2014 tutorials have two distinct characteristics that make them ideal for learning the database application in a fast yet effective manner.

  • High quality training videos that focus on a specific topic or task in SQL Server. We provide tutorials demos that typically start with an overview dealing with that specific concept, however, we do not just stop there. After a brief discussion, we dive deeply into the subject and actually show you the theory in action. All of our SQL training videos are heavy in demonstration where we are not just talking about the subject but also walking (discussing) the conception in detail. In our expert opinion, this is a lot more efficient than just reading the same information in a MS SQL 2014 book.
  • Supplemental Training Videos with scores of Transact SQL (TSQL) scripts. TSQL is the underlying programming language for SQL Server. These SQL commands been specially designed with a focus on practical application in mind. If you are starting a new position as a Database administrator (DBA) or a SQL Developer, these are the perfect kind of tools you need to make things happen in your new IT role. The T-SQL scripts range from simple SELECT statement to complicated stored procedures that perform a certain task in SQL Server.

Our Basic SQL 2014 Server training videos are as follows:

  • Installation of SQL Server 2014
  • MS SQL 2014 Configuration Manager
  • Creating database objects in SQL Server 2014
  • TSQL commands like SEQUENCE and CONCAT in MS SQL 2014
  • Overview of Database Relationships
  • What is SQL Management Studio (SSMS)?
  • Introduction to Transact SQL (TSQL)
  • Using Inner and Outer Joins in a Database
  • Implementing Security in SQL Server
  • New Features like Contained Database, FileTable, ..

More info on these videos can be found on this page: https://sqlserver2014tutorial.com/sql-server-2014-tutorials-details/

The SQL scripts are actually part of the Unlimited package and you can find additional information on this page: https://sqlserver2014tutorial.com/members/




SQL Server 2014 Tutorial.com is part of Kash Data Consulting LLC. We provide training and database consulting services in Dallas, Texas.