T-SQL Tutorial: Where to Find T-SQL Tutorials

One of the best places to start looking, if you decided to learn T-SQL, is at its source or Microsoft’s resources. Microsoft offers T-SQL for querying its database, the SQL Server. Thus, one of the first places to look for T-SQL Tutorial would be the MSDN page. These resources have been updated for supporting T-SQL Tutorial for the latest SQL Server 2016. This T-SQL Tutorial takes the approach that the learner is new to writing SQL statements. It teaches such users write simple statements for creating tables in a database and how to insert data into such tables.

Transaction-SQL or T-SQL has extension to the standardize query language. The MSDN tutorial pages or the other popular T-SQL Tutorial pages available on-line focus on all the features of T-SQL. However, they do not focus on any comparison between the extended language and the standard one. The MSDN tutorial clearly declares its aim as giving the user an introduction and feel of the language only. The T-SQL Tutorial coverage does not include the production database complexities. In actual use case, it is recommended to use the SQL Server Management Studio. After going through the T-SQL Tutorial, user can start using the database references to find detailed information.

While practicing this particular SQL database you will learn how to create a database, create and delete tables. Insertion, deletion, updating, reading and deleting data pieces are another set of exercises in this T-SQL Tutorial. Configuring a database, creating a view and developing stored procedures are other functions that one can learn in these T-SQL Tutorial pages. While it is not necessary for the user to know SQL, basic database concepts need to be understood to assimilate the T-SQL Tutorial .

Learning T-sql

While this is a good starting point, there are several high quality tutorials available on-line that offer a very detailed information. These tutorials give you a complete overview of the T-SQL language.

  • First of these T-SQL Tutorial gives an overview of the SQL in a way that user gets a whole perspective on the database query language vis-a-vis the extended form of it, the T-SQL language.
  • The Techonthenet Tutorial – another one of in-depth T-SQL Tutorials that covers all aspects of the language. This particular T-SQL Tutorial does not require any pre-requisites. After finishing it, the user will become proficient not only in the query language but in SQL Server basics and features as well. Introduction to the SQL Server is provided so that it is clear how data is retrieved and manipulated in the database. The T-SQL Tutorial then progresses to creation of users, their log-ins. Creating tables, functions and procedures are also covered. This T-SQL Tutorial has a separate section on those specific T-SQL functions that are not part of the standard SQL. No pre-requisites are required for this T-SQL Tutorial; rather a structured approach is taken so that learner improves as the he-she goes through the lessons.

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