Microsoft Reporting Services

SQL Server product of Microsoft is offered with a reporting service feature that is very useful.

The Microsoft Reporting Services or Microsoft SSRS will let you design a whole lot of reports from the database that SQL Server provides. What the Microsoft SSRS lets you do is to design reports templates, get them filled in with data retrieved from the target database and in general, manage all the reports you create in the course of your work. They Microsoft Reporting Services is supported by a variety of tools and services out of the box. These are functional soon after the product is installed.

The latest version available is the Microsoft SSRS provided along with the community technology preview of the 2016 SQL Server product. The regular release is to follow soon. The full scale production version of the Microsoft Reporting Services is the package available with the SQL Server 2014. The reports you can design with the Microsoft Reporting Services report designer is a fully integrated version of the VB reporting services. The services within the VB environment work seamlessly with the SQL Server tools and components. The free standing report builder application lets users proficient in Microsoft Office environment to start using the services very easily.

The SSRS 2014 helps users work across devices easily. Creating an interactive report that may have tabular and/or graphical data that works for mobile devices too is quite simple. The reports generated by SSRS can handle various data type quite easily and these include relational, multi-dimensional as well as XML data. Visualization of data is facilitated by easy processes to utilize sparklines, KPI, charts and maps, etc. However wide a set of features are provided, there will always be situations when some specific details need to be taken care of and programming features help. This Microsoft Reporting Services provides the tools that can help you customize reports. APIs in Microsoft Reporting Services extends access to a whole range of data and processing of these customized reports.

The mobile reports you can generate with the Microsoft Reporting Services scales quite well to various mobile screen resolutions. The reports are designed on a design area that has grid rows and columns that can be adjusted. Data in these reports can be populated from data in the resident SQL Server databases or from Excel workbooks. The Microsoft Reporting Services or Microsoft SSRS allows these reports, if you like, to be stored on the standard web server provided in the product package. These can be taken into the BI package as well as into mobile apps on a iPhone or an iPad. The SSRS reports are published to a report server. These can be published as part of a SitePoint site or a Windows application. Accessing the SSRS can be done in several ways. Report processing can be scheduled. They can be accessed on demand or obtained on a subscription basis. One can set alerts when a report gets published on SharePoint. The Microsoft Reporting Services reports can be also be exported to other applications, Excel being a useful type.


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